13 Roads in Otter Tail County screenings

Hey all! I have some really exciting Minnesota screenings coming up this spring and summer. For starters, my film 13 Roads in Otter Tail County will screen at the 2017 Minneapolis-St. Paul International Film Festival this April 27th. This is soon, I know - so if you can't see it then, don't despair, because you can still catch it on the good-old-fashioned television. Twin Cities Public Television is showing the film as part of it's MNTV showcase on Sunday May 14th at 10:30 PM on TPT2 & Monday May 15th at 4:30 PM on TPT2. Next, it's showing at the Altered Esthetics Experimental Film Festival this June 1-3, which, by its past curation, looks like it's going to be a remarkable event (coincidentally falling on my birthday, June 2nd). Finally, the film will screen at the Walker Art Center this August 3rd as part of MNTV's museum run! This is a big life for such a little film, and I'm really happy about the love it's receiving. And finally, these rural roads will also be seen in the big city of San Francisco as part of Other Cinema's Psychogeography show on May 6th. Huzzah!