Prairie Dreamers: Springboards First Five Years in Fergus Falls, TRT 29:55, 2016.

"On the prairie, the roots of native plants are sometimes 3-4 more times deep than the plant itself. People are a lot like that, too, in any place. We don’t always see the depth of someone’s relationship to place, or their resilient stories of standing tall through harsh winters and brutal summer storms. Despite this, it’s easy to make assumptions about the simplicity of prairie plants, and it’s easy to make assumptions about rural identity." -Michele Anderson

In a time when rural communities are being psychoanalyzed, the work of Springboard for the Arts in Fergus Falls shows us a new way to consider life and art outside of our cities. Prairie Dreamers: Springboard's First Five Years in Fergus Falls is a celebratory document of the community-building work happening in this small prairie town in west central Minnesota.