BIG MAN LITTLE SCREEN, TRT 5:26. 2015. Ramzan Kadyrov is the autocratic President of Chechnya, a widely suspected collaborator in political murders, violator of human rights and fiercely loyal protege of Vladimir Putin. He's implicated in the murder of left-wing Russian journalists and has been alleged to have personally overseen torture. He's also a prolific Instagrammer.

Ramzan Kadyrov's distinct Instagram photography is well known, but his remarkable Instagram videos have largely been ignored by the international art community. In these bizarre and fleeting status updates, Ramzan boxes, works out at the gym, films his son wrestling, hands bouquets of flowers to women, teaches his children how to shoot handguns, prays at the mosque, inspects military equipment, holds mass rallies for Vladimir Putin, forges swords, and admires ducks. All music and editing have been preserved exactly as they're found on Instagram – they have only been placed back to back.